Wine1.0 and LGPLv3?

Edward Savage epssyis at
Mon Mar 24 07:47:10 CDT 2008

>  I think the agreement from WineConf 2007 was to change as soon as there's a
>  reason to do so. So far it seems like there isn't.

With my understanding of the new clauses (or protections) isn't this
attitude akin to not replacing the battery in your fire alarm until
you smell smoke?

I've noticed this stance from several gpl projects and it worries me
that every one is going to simply ignore the issues raised from gplv3
until some project gets burnt and there will be a made rush by every
one else to protect themselves.  What if wine is that project?

On the other hand the process of updating to the v3 license would be
rather time consuming (at least according to the time line fsf put
out) for the wine project and I agree that 1.0 probably wouldn't be
the time to do it and as we all know, none of the doom and gloom
predicted has come to pass (at least yet).

Could I suggest making a firm commitment to either stay with v2 or
move to v3 and set a release (or date)  that this will happen by as a
proper way of dealing with any change.

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