wineasio: source now hosted on SourceForge

Peter L Jones gmane at
Mon Mar 24 12:01:43 CDT 2008

I thought I'd post here to let interested parties know that the various strands
of source for wineasio have been brought together in a single SourceForge
project.  After a great deal of thought, the project name "wineasio" was chosen
by unanimous vote (okay, so only I got a say...).

Robert Reif and the early JackLab code branches are both preserved with change
history.  The trunk is wineasio-0.7.x, which is under "active" development.

Bug reports, feature requests, offers of help and code via the SF project
trackers, please.  Let me know your ID if you want to commit to the
project (and show some code...).


-- Peter

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