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Matt Shanks mattshanks86 at
Mon Mar 24 16:42:11 CDT 2008

Hello all,

Am quite keen to get involved with Wine for GSoC - specifically the project
titled "Scriptable Configuration <>"

Having spoken briefly to Lei, he essentially said that the more features
added to the reg.exe in Wine, the better.

I looked up what the Windows version does, and it seems like a pretty solid
list of features to aim for;

- add               Adds a new subkey or entry into the registry
- delete           Deletes a subkey or entries from the registry
- query            Displays the data in a subkey or a value
- compare       Compares specified registry subkeys or entries
- copy             Copy a subkey to another subkey
- Save             Saves a copy of specified subkeys, entries, and values of
the registry in hive (binary) format-- could be changed to save as
plaintext/flatfile format
- Load             Load a key values

(Source <>)

An apparent missing feature seems to be editing an existing key value

Also, for the command line tools for wine, beyond uninstallation and
windows-version calls, (from Console
are there any other particularly desirable features?

Any input/comments from anyone is much appreciated,

Kind regards,

Matt Shanks
('napi' on IRC)
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