winex11.drv: Don't add owned windows to the taskbar

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Mar 25 23:01:45 CDT 2008

"Alexander Dorofeyev" <alexd4 at> wrote:

> There's a regression in IDA Pro disassembler. Nothing is added to the taskbar at 
> all, furthermore, when you are starting debugger, before there was a window 
> appearing that asks pass control to the application or not. Now it's not 
> appearing, and can't be found because there's nothing on the taskbar, which is 
> pretty bad because the app doesn't respond to any other input at that moment. 
> Minimizing  the main window makes the app disappear altogether, so it's pretty 
> unusable.

The problem with IDA is that the button you see in the Windows task bar
does not belong to the main IDA window, it belongs to a zero sized visible
window with the same caption. Since it's zero sized Wine doesn't map it all.
So, while formally it's a regression, technically it's not: main IDA window
has never been added to the task bar before my patch. This all can be easily
discovered with spy++ and a simple test app.


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