Scriptable configuration (reg.exe) proposals

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Wed Mar 26 02:26:27 CDT 2008

Hello potential students,

There have been at least 4 people interested in doing the reg.exe
project for summer of code, but unfortunately this is not really a
good project idea, becuse you can pretty much implement it all in a
single day by just calling the right advapi calls. Making winecfg work
from the command line is also not hard and you can't fill up 2 or 3
months with this.

I'm sorry for not investigating reg.exe further. This should never
have been on the ideas list to begin with, and I should be the one to
be blamed for not spotting it earlier.

I would strongly recommend adding a proposal for another project. It
doesn't have to be one from the ideas list, on the contrary: The most
succesful applications have been initiatives from people themselves.
As long as you work, interact with the community and communicate with
your mentor and share your code and ideas you will get paid.

I hope that you will have luck in finding other proposals, and that
you will be able to participate and complete gsoc succesfully.


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