DLL exports... HELP?!

pure_evil at mail.bg pure_evil at mail.bg
Wed Mar 26 06:46:01 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 26 March 2008 12:39:39 pm you wrote:
> If you build a wine dll inside the wine source tree we use gcc in
> combination with some wine magic for compilation. Exporting of functions in
> that case happens through a '.spec' file.
> When you want to work outside the wine tree (as it can be more convenient)
> you could also use 'winegcc' for building a library. It will handle all the
> magic for you.
> Roderick
1 stdcall CPlApplet(long long long long)

; File generated automatically from ./cplskeleton.spec; do not edit!

LIBRARY cplskeleton.dll

  CPlApplet at 16 @1

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