Can't determine disk space, install fails

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed Mar 26 11:44:27 CDT 2008

Ahoj Vito / Hi Vit,
  many thanks for your valuable help! In our case, it depends on the
partition size, not on the free space remaining. We've found that on every
partition bigger than 64G, the installation fails.
  Now we are performing an experimental installation in /var/tmp, where /var
has only 15G in our case, and it works like a charm.
  What debugging options could we set to collect symptoms of the problem ?
  With regards,
     Pavel Troller
> Hi Pavel,
> I've ran into similar issues when, for example, I've got more than 64GB 
> free space on the partition, and the old Win installers just told me 
> there was -1 bytes free. I'd vote for some Wine (or 3rd party tool) 
> functionality that would decrease the reported bytes available per 
> user's request.
> As a temporary solution for such problems, I've used a small partition 
> for installation with just 2GBs free and it worked for me. I've then 
> moved the wineprefix into the target partition.
> Regards
> Vit Hrachovy
> Pavel Troller wrote:
> > Hi!
> >   We have a long-persisting problem there. It persists for many wine versions
> > and prevents some programs from installing.
> >   As an example, today my son complained about impossibility to install WoW.
> > The installer was not able to determine the free space on the disk (there was
> > a dash instead of a number in the box) and the Continue button was greyed out,
> > so it was not possible to proceed.
> >   There are other cases, in which the installers say that there is not enough
> > space on the disk and fail. Of course there is enough space, but the installer
> > is not able to find it.
> >   Especially WoW has Gold rating and these problems are not mentioned, so I
> > don't think that this is a common wine problem, thus I'm not going to open
> > a bug for it. I'm begging for a hint instead, what to try to find the cause
> > of the problem.
> >   Wine is always manually compiled and it runs on a "generic Linux system",
> > not on any particular, publicly known distro.
> > 
> >   With regards, Pavel Troller
> > 
> > 

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