GSOC proposal - control panel

Owen Rudge owen at
Wed Mar 26 16:27:58 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm intending to apply for a Google Summer of Code placement working on the 
Wine control panel support. My main intention is to work on a proper Control 
Panel application for Wine that accepts standard .cpl files, and turn 
winecfg's configuration sections into appropriate control panels. (I notice 
that pure_evil @ has been doing some work on this - if I were to get 
accepted to work on this, then I would like to continue his line of work, or 
assist him with it.) However, as I don't believe that project alone would 
necessarily take up an entire summer, my intention would also be to work on 
some new control panel applets for Wine. The examples given on the GSOC wiki 
pages (basic desktop/screen resizing, general network information, and font 
details) would be good applets for me to implement, but I would also be 
interested in working on some other applets, such as an Add/Remove Programs 
applet, or a Multimedia applet. Obviously, there wouldn't necessarily be 
time to implement all of these, so my intention would be to get the main 
control panel and basic Wine control panel applets from winecfg working well 
first, and then look at other applets that could be implemented.

I've developed applications and, indeed, Control Panel applets for Windows 
for many years now (I started programming using the Windows API when I was 
12!), so I feel confident that this is a task I would be able to handle. I 
believe that a good configuration interface for Wine that supports 
third-party control panels is something that would be very useful for 

If anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding my proposal, I'd very 
much appreciate any feedback.


Owen Rudge 

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