GSOC proposal - control panel

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Mar 27 05:59:54 CDT 2008

Owen Rudge wrote:
> The examples given on the GSOC wiki 
> pages (basic desktop/screen resizing, general network information, and font 
> details) would be good applets for me to implement, but I would also be 
> interested in working on some other applets, such as an Add/Remove Programs 
> applet, or a Multimedia applet. 

What I and the other Ubuntu UI people would really like to see is the
ability to uninstall Wine programs from within gnome-app-install (The
Gnome applet the user interacts with after selecting

The UI is a fairly intuitive step - just add a "Windows Applications"
category and list the installed Wine apps on the right.  Once that's
done, we don't need a special Wine program for uninstalling anymore,
since we can expand the functionality in a similar place where the user
could reasonably expects to find it.

As for what you'll need to do this done, uninstalling applications from
the command line isn't yet supported, though I believe someone else is
working on that through reg.exe.

Scott Ritchie

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