GSOC proposal - control panel

pure_evil at pure_evil at
Thu Mar 27 10:03:48 CDT 2008

> __declspec(dllexport) is a MSVC-only feature. Hence, when compiling with
> gcc (even using winegcc) it won't actually export the function. As has
> been stated before, you need to use a .spec or .def file to export it.


> A DLL compiled as a winelib DLL won't be parsed by a tool that reads PE
> DLLs, because winelib DLLs are Elf shared objects. Use winedump instead.

Precisely. Easy to distinguish between wine and doze Dlls. 

> Use winedump instead.

I did. It dumps the CPlApplet() function nicely from all cpls (including one I 
made in Delphi). 

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