GSOC proposal - control panel

Owen Rudge owen at
Thu Mar 27 11:31:15 CDT 2008

> What I and the other Ubuntu UI people would really like to see is the
> ability to uninstall Wine programs from within gnome-app-install (The
> Gnome applet the user interacts with after selecting
> Applications->Add/Remove).
> The UI is a fairly intuitive step - just add a "Windows Applications"
> category and list the installed Wine apps on the right.  Once that's
> done, we don't need a special Wine program for uninstalling anymore,
> since we can expand the functionality in a similar place where the user
> could reasonably expects to find it.

This sounds somewhat like it'd be a bit of a side project to my intended 
plan. Implementing such a "Windows Applications" category wouldn't involve 
much more than interating through the registry, and then calling wine on the 
appropriate uninstaller .exe.

I would still suggest a proper Control Panel namespace for Wine would be 
best. Implementing functionality to embed the Wine control panel into other 
X windows would then be possible too, although looking at the patch 
submitted a few months ago, I fear the implementation of it may not be the 
most tidy thing. The idea of a side project implementing a basic set of 
reusable functions to iterate through the registry to retrieve application 
details (for Add/Remove Programs, at least) may be better.


Owen Rudge

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