GSOC proposal - control panel

Owen Rudge owen at
Thu Mar 27 11:36:35 CDT 2008

> No dice.
> CPls are DLLs that export a function - CPlApplet().
> winegcc coughs on dllexport. - not implemented.
> I've been hacking at it for days on end now.
> Result: CPl can be compiled under windows and run under wine. CPls 
> compiled
> with winegcc don't export that function => not treated as control panel
> applets.

I'm sure it must be possible to export routines in Wine libraries 
via .def files or similar - whether GetProcAddress supports Wine "DLLs" is 
the issue. Even if for some reason it's not possible, I don't see that it 
would be impossible to detect that the .cpl file is actually a Wine DLL, and 
to use the appropriate dlopen-type routines to read it.

Owen Rudge

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