[1/2] Added a test: registering device interface andgettingdevicepath

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 22:12:24 CDT 2008

>  > I picked %08x for a reason in this code--it's far easier to find the
>  > relevant error using it than using %u.
>  Then the tests should consistently use %08x, not a mixture of various
>  formats.

Perhaps.  I generally chose a format that matched the "expected"
error.  Error values like ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER should be %u--I
erroneously use %d, I think--whereas setupapi errors should be %08x.
But since the ok output is in exceptional conditions, it might be hard
to predict which range of values is more likely, so perhaps
consistency is better than trying to be smart about it.  I don't have
a firm opinion about that.

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