Implement VBScript for Google Summer of Code

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Fri Mar 28 10:57:16 CDT 2008

Hi Jim,

>  I have this idea of implementing vbscript.dll for Google SoC. Any
>  comment would be appreciated before I start working on my proposal.

That sounds ambitious, but you're welcome to try!

>  For a few years I used to hack VB, and I know the
>  language and VBScript is just a cousin of VB. The runtime library is
>  not big, and writing it shouldn't take too much time either.

If you say so ;-)

>  I think the hardest part would be to implement the COM interfaces that
>  deal with scripting. And that's the area I know least about.

The recently added jscript stubs are probably a decent place to start.
 Getting yourself familiar with COM is probably important to the
success of your project.  I'd recommend a copy of Don Box's Essential
Com as the best way to "get" COM in a hurry.  There are plenty of
online references too, of course.

One general point is that people often don't plan for the amount of
time needed to get patches accepted--it's often more than people
realize.  You might start by trying to get a stub DLL for vbscript
accepted, just to get the hang of the development process.  Check out
the git tree, build it, make some changes, commit to it, and send the
patches in.  You'll find instructions on how to do all that on the

Looking forward to seeing your application.  Good luck,

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