gdi32-related commit between 0.9.57<->0.9.58broken .NET2/Systems.Windows.Forms

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Fri Mar 28 13:12:15 CDT 2008

--- On Thu, 27/3/08, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:
> "Vitaliy Margolen" <wine-devel at>
> wrote:
> > Looks like a time to start blacklisting fonts then. If
> the font is invalid 
> > and does not work even on windows yet it is available
> in the system - that's 
> > the only thing Wine can do. Or just contact all
> distros to remove it. Or 
> > request packagers to refuse installing Wine if said
> font found in the system.
> Black listing the fonts is not an appropriate
> fix/workaround. There is
> already a fixed version of ukai.ttf, and a broken one was
> causing problems
> in a lot of native programs besides Wine.

I think blacklisting is not a good approach - what one wants is really "white-listing": 
given microsoft only ships a certain number of fonts, wine should provide emulation/substitutions of *only* those fonts fron known open-source alternatives,
rather than expose the whole of fontconfig-available fonts to win32 applications.
And applications should only expect to get those known MS fonts (or clones/substitutes).

OTOH, ukai (or one of its Arphic derivative sibings) is fairly critical for most 
chinese-reading person :-). 

I am not sure "There is a fixed version of ukai" - from the codeweaver wiki and freedesktop's web site, I have the latest ukai release via redhat, and the wiki seems 
to suggests a non-debian mod older ukai to replace a debian-modified one. 
So my finger-pointing tendency would say that somehow a debian ukai modification which breaks gdiplus has got into freedesktop uptream... 

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