gdi32-related commit between 0.9.57<->0.9.58broken .NET2/Systems.Windows.Forms

Lei Zhang thestig at
Fri Mar 28 13:31:41 CDT 2008

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 11:12 AM, Hin-Tak Leung
<htl10 at> wrote:
>  I think blacklisting is not a good approach - what one wants is really "white-listing":
>  given microsoft only ships a certain number of fonts, wine should provide emulation/substitutions of *only* those fonts fron known open-source alternatives,
>  rather than expose the whole of fontconfig-available fonts to win32 applications.
>  And applications should only expect to get those known MS fonts (or clones/substitutes).

Umm, I have friends who are font fanatics that have thousands of fonts
installed on their system. If they can do that on Windows, they
certainly should be able to do that on Linux. Are you suggesting we a)
limit ourselves to only support what ships with Windows, and ignore
all other fonts out there, or b) create a white list for every known
font out there?

>  OTOH, ukai (or one of its Arphic derivative sibings) is fairly critical for most
>  chinese-reading person :-).
>  I am not sure "There is a fixed version of ukai" - from the codeweaver wiki and freedesktop's web site, I have the latest ukai release via redhat, and the wiki seems
>  to suggests a non-debian mod older ukai to replace a debian-modified one.
>  So my finger-pointing tendency would say that somehow a debian ukai modification which breaks gdiplus has got into freedesktop uptream...

AFAIK, the bad version of the ukai font is 20060928. It shiped with
Ubuntu Feisty [1], Gutsy [2], and FC 8 [3]. Possibly with other
distros as well, I have not done an exhaustive search. Just don't use
that version and you should be fine.


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