Implement VBScript for Google Summer of Code

Jim Chen jim at
Fri Mar 28 19:40:59 CDT 2008

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 4:11 PM, Jacek Caban <jacek at> wrote:
> Jim Chen wrote:
>  > Hi everyone,
>  >
>  > I have this idea of implementing vbscript.dll for Google SoC. Any
>  > comment would be appreciated before I start working on my proposal.
>  >
>  It would be great to have vbscript.dll implemented in Wine and I hope
>  that some day we will have it, but I think you underestimate amount of
>  work on it. It's a much bigger task than the usual SoC projects, IMO.
>  Please do some research before deciding to work on it. I've found Eric
>  Lippert's blog very useful for information about active scripts
>  esp. the archive from 2004. If you'll decide to apply for this project,
>  please describe it well enough so we know that you can accomplish it.
>  Jacek

Wow thanks for the link! Surprisingly useful (for something from MS :D)
I've been doing research and I understand it will be a huge effort.
I've already applied to the windowless Rich Edit project, which will
most likely be easier than this, but I think this one will be more
exciting because it's more challenging :) I'm more than willing to
continue after SoC if I end up working on it. I don't have to
implement the newest version either, with support for classes, etc. If
I just implement VBScript say up to 2.0 that's within reach, I think.

Thanks again!

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