winex11.drv: Don't add owned windows to the taskbar

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Mar 29 02:55:34 CDT 2008

"Alex Villací­s Lasso" <a_villacis at> wrote:

>> The problem with IDA is that the button you see in the Windows task bar
>> does not belong to the main IDA window, it belongs to a zero sized visible
>> window with the same caption. Since it's zero sized Wine doesn't map it all.
>> So, while formally it's a regression, technically it's not: main IDA window
>> has never been added to the task bar before my patch. This all can be easily
>> discovered with spy++ and a simple test app.
> This also affects many, if not all, VB6 applications (and possibly many
> Delphi applications). Personally, I consider this a rather serious
> regression and propose backing out of commit
> cb3ff54789c652b02d852f40db71cafd9fd67ca9 as a fix.
> BTW, this reminds me of bug 1598. If the explanation of the bug for IDA
> above is correct, then the "buggy" behavior of not assigning
> minimize/maximize buttons to the window that appears in the panel is
> sort of consistent with this regression. Maybe the behavior should be
> that visible windows owned by an invisible window should get mapped in
> the panel.

1598 is closed as fixed, and I have no idea how missing minimize/maximize
buttons are related to owned windows, and why you think that it's somehow
related to the visibility of an owner.

What you need to be fixed is making a zero sized window with WS_VISIBLE
style set mapped, but X11/WMs doesn't handle that gracefully.


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