find_dll_file ignoring WINEDLLPATH?

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+win at
Sun Mar 30 03:37:41 CDT 2008

John Klehm wrote:

> When an app needs a certain dll windows (and wine) search according to
> this:  directory of exe, current directory, system directory
> (windows/system32),  windows directory (windows), and PATH env var.
> What I would do if I were you is make a copy of that other needed dll
> and put it in the applications exe directory.

Unfortunately, that is not a good option for my particular use

My main interest in wine is for the case where I am cross
compiling from Linux to windows and want to run the cross
compiled windows executables (in particlular the test suite)
on Linux.

The particular project I want to compile like this are my
two projects libsndfile and libsamplerate, both of which have
top level source code layout of:

    src       - actual library source code
    tests     - the test suite programs
    examples  - some example programs

Since these libraries uses autoconf/automake/libtool, the generated
DLL ends up as:


and the test suite programs end up as say:


When doing native Linux compiles, the libtool generated wrapper
scipt correctly points to the shared object file and the test
runs correctly. I'm looking for the same functionality when
running the tests under wine.

Your proposal of just copying the DLL is not a good solution in
this case because the copied executable could get out of sync
with the one in src/.libs, invalidating the tests.

> From what I've seen WINEDLLPATH is for internal parts of wine.

I've just re-read the wine man page and it seems does support
your statement.

However, my particular use case is a particluarly interesting one.
If I and other authors of cross platform code can easily compile
and test windows binaries on Linux, you will get more wine users
of the type that can hack on wine and write great bug reports.
I also means that windows becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Erik de Castro Lopo
"C++ : Where friends have access to your private members."
-- Gavin Russell Baker

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