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> Subject: Don't bother...
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> Date: Saturday, 29 March, 2008, 5:51 PM
> I tried compiling it against wine's source tree, it spat
> out a bunch of 
> warnings. When I wrote to him, that's what he replied:
> >guess what, that's a different compiler.
> 'winegcc' != 'mingw32'. Did I say 
> something about crosscompiling? AFAIK you dont (cant?) use
> stuff compiled 
> with winegcc on windows because it depends on wine.
> >I just thought you might want to look at a sample that
> builds and lives 
> outside so you could test you code on win too.
> So, it's not what you think it is :( It's not
> usable as wine driver.

I am a bit lost about your comments. I have both winegcc and mingw32. 
I am quite familar with the latter and new to the former. 
I am using the appropriate ones (mingw32 for the printproxy, and winegcc for ddiwrapper). 

The printerproxy needs cross-compiling (and it works alright against current wine), ddiwrapper needs to be built with winegcc (and does not build against current wine).

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