wine based win32 printer drivers

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Sun Mar 30 22:52:32 CDT 2008

> A Postscript Driver has no raster renderer...
> A Postscript Driver has a Postscript Engine.
... ^ ^

> "3" is wrong here. See: myAddPrinterDriverEx(DWORD level, ...
It seemed suspicious to me anyway.. How do those integer shifts creep into my retyped header files 
again and again? mmmmhhh ... *g

> Since there are much more Events, we need the DriverUI in more Places
> later. I suggest a simple struct, which can be extended later
> (The struct must include the Results from GetProcAddress)
a struct.. that contains what? the function pointers and results? i had thought about adding a 
macro.. for hooking driver exports..

> The changes for winspool.drv must go in a seperate Patch.
yeah it jsut was a quick and dirty preview patch ;)

> WINSPOOL_CallDrvDocumentProperties is the wrong name, when you 
> call DrvDocumentPropertySheets.
statement totally makes sense.

> You should collect all API in winspool.drv, that need the driverui
> (some are not implemented) and design a simple struct
> with helper functions (Use monitor_t as example).
I dont really grok it... like the DDI_FUNCS array in the patch i sent you or rather somethign
stuct {
     LPWSTR name;
     LPWSTR driverdll;
     HMODULE hdriver;
     LPWSTR interfacedll;
     HMODULE hinterface,
     DWORD refcount;
} printertriver_t;

> Not all Drivers Export DrvDocumentPropertySheets.
> You must prepare to use a Fallback to get the default devmode
> (DrvConvertDevMode)
ok just need to transplant my old code

> See winspool.drv/monitor_load as Example:
l8r :)

> The current Code is a crosscall from DocumentPropertiesW to
> DocumentPropertiesA.
> The DDI-API is unicode and should be the prefered way.
so shall i put the ddi call before that deprecated stuff? and does it need to be called from docpropsA?
oh and I reodne the EnumForms patch (now less monsterous ;). Now here's only the part that provides 
the builtin forms, but very easy to expand, once its ready to be &/ comimtted i'll do the addforms 
delforms stuff..
and oh sh1t gotta write my soc application today last day heh.. this time i'm opting for drupal/php 
code though C/win32api is just too hellish *g

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