Firefox 3 beta 4 working, only a couple bugs...

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Mar 31 06:02:08 CDT 2008

I tried Firefox 3 beta 4 just now, and there were
a few bugs that stood out in the first few minutes:

12305    	Firefox 3 beta 4 font problem: colon displayed as 0038
unicode glyph-missing glyph
12306 	Firefox 3 beta shows one-pixel-high black line when rendering some images
12307 	firefox 3 beta 4 crash on some web pages

Youtube seemed slow and hangy on the first video I tried,
although it was fine in native firefox at the same
time; perhaps the Windows version of the flash plugin
is less resistant to network errors -- or Wine doesn't
support some network feature that only matters during
bad internet weather.

That same video was fine later, as was a different video
(both worth watching, btw).

It also output quite a few messages like
fixme:ntdll:NtLockFile I/O completion on lock not implemented yet
ETO_PDY unimplemented

Firefox 3 rc1 will be out in May, and release will be in early June,
according to

Given that a lot of people have in the past used windows Firefox
in wine to run native plugins, maybe we should get firefox 3
working well.  Probably only five or six main issues.
- Dan

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