Hey all, introducing myself and my GSoC idea...

a a cholinesterase at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 18:30:20 CDT 2008

My name is Alex. I'm an 18 year old Freshman at the University of South
Florida. I'm an electrical engineer, but I've been coding since I was 13. I
love low-level stuff, like assembly and ugly C, machine code, etc. I like to
be able to smell the processor I'm so close to the metal.

I made a proposal on GSoC to improve support for the Native API, an
undocumented API in Windows. I'd really like to code for the Wine Project,
since I like Windows, I like Linux, and I especially like low-level
scrounging. I'm usually available by MSN, and generally fairly friendly.
Send me an IM, or reply here to critique my proposal. It's entitled "
Proposal to improve Wine's support of the Native API". I'm registered as
cholinesterase at gmail.com.

Will someone look it over and tell me what they think? Also, suggested
reading would be nice, especially if it pertains to the project idea and
Wine's code base!

Thanks for reading.
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