Hey all, introducing myself and my GSoC idea...

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 20:28:53 CDT 2008

>  But is the API in question useful for the Wine project as far as
>  fixing apps?  I don't think we should devote SOC resources to a
>  project that doesn't progress Wine beyond just implementing more APIs.

That's a good point.  Alex, you'd probably want to specify which APIs
in particular you're thinking of testing and implementing, and why
they'd be useful for the Wine project.  An app that uses them would be
the easiest way to address their usefulness.

And notice that in both my emails I said testing.  Good test cases, in
the form of regression tests added to Wine's test suite, are probably
more important than the implementation would be.  This is especially
true of undocumented or poorly documented functions.

Good luck,

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