Proposal: versioning .wine directory

TheBlunderbuss tehblunderbuss at
Mon Mar 31 22:40:13 CDT 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> On the wine-users list, we're getting a lot of users who
> have old or even ancient .wine directories, and
> whose problems go away with a fresh .wine directory
> Perhaps we should have wineprefixcreate stamp the version
> of wine the .wine directory was created with,
> make wine-1.0 refuse to run with pre-1.0 .wine
> directories, and require that future versions
> of wine run properly with .wine directories created
> by any earlier stable release of wine.
> It wouldn't be hard, at least at first, and it might save a lot of
> support inquiries.  What say?
I like it, since I already do something like this!
How about a more surreptitious way of marking versions? Maybe a reg key 
or other file.
This way, users might not be tempted to rename their ~/.wine and also 
keep the 1.0 transition smoother for scripts, say.

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