Wine t-shirts?

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Fri May 2 02:33:44 CDT 2008

Hello Edward,

2008/5/1 Edward Savage <epssyis at>:
> Please note the following rant was insighted from a long held thought
>  that the wine and crossover logos were old and boring:
>  I wouldn't put on a Wine tshit or a Crossover tshirt until both
>  projects get far better/sexier logos.
>  Codeweavers looks like it was done in 96 and wines is boring and looks
>  like it lacks any creative thought.
>  So I think I'll offer to help fix the situation.  Do we want a new
>  logo or at least a more polished version of the wine logo, and are
>  Codeweavers prepared to update theirs? Noting that wine 1.0 might be a
>  good time to do so.
>  If any one agrees this should probably spawn a new thread.
>  If this was fixed I'd buy and happily wear a wine shirt instead of
>  glaring at those who did unfashionably.
Have you ever seen sun's logo? Or microsoft's logo. If you don't want
to wear a wine t-shirt you don't have to. :D

I'm open for suggestions though, it wouldn't be a bad idea to look at
the logo, to see if we can modernize it a little without getting
totally rid of it. A slightly modified higher quality version would
probably suffice.


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