has sent me ~10 e-mails

Brian Fuller slink3r at
Sun May 4 00:47:48 CDT 2008

I've gotten ~10 e-mails from regarding this issue.

Everyone of them is virtually nothing but quoted information.

I had TF2 crash on my computer, then I went back in, snagged the memory
dumps and submitted them to, told them I was on the wine
list and I needed better DLL support from Nvidia.

Once they established that I had the advanced guide for myself, and I
continued to procede by telling them:

After running Steam and opening TF2, download initializes from server
correctly, as connecting to server system goes down.

Apr 30 09:51:17 slinker-desktop kernel: [52605.857549]
totem-plugin-vi[20091]: segfault at 4 rip 411a15 rsp 7fff5f4cb3e0 error 4
Apr 30 09:51:17 slinker-desktop kernel: [52605.934792]
totem-plugin-vi[20089]: segfault at 4 rip 411a15 rsp 7fffaea1a930 error 4

Same two error messages in messages

Next: Brian,

Thank you for submitting these minidumps. If you continue to experience
problems with game crashes, please complete the steps in the link below.

Title: Troubleshooting Game Crashes


I'm not sure if this helps, but I was working on WineHT.dll at the same
time, and maybe some sort of mis-interaction on the level of an application
running on my operating system with your product could've resulted in the

I was just hoping with the specific information on those memory locations
perhaps you could provide me some knowledge of the Windows/DirectX API that
deals with these particular switches, as to enlighten me towards my game not
crashing in the future.

Sorry to complicate the issue :\


they responded with nothing but quotes

 Now I'm trying to differentiate on an iron curtain the color differences
being generated by heat being applied using nothing but a router. Figuring
out why it corrupted those packets would be accessed in the API, then put
into the CPU, calculating this. Once you've calculated the color
differentiations throughout the sheet, you could re-draw this sheet in 3d
with the right colors using OpenGL. That's the goal at least.

 The important part being the edges between the different colors.

They finally closed the ticket today.


P.S. Just have a seat, I'll be right with you with valid code.
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