winetest problems

Paul Millar paul at
Tue May 6 16:20:11 CDT 2008


On Saturday 03 May 2008 01:38:07 James Hawkins wrote:
> I'm trying to fix the failing cross tests, but we haven't had a
> winetest build on Paul Millar's server in a few days.

Just to mention that gaps will appear if the winetest.exe builds but hasn't 
changed.  As Paul (Vriens) says, the log files should indicate if there's a 

> [...] a recent commit has broken the build.

Yes.  It's the usual story: some new tests were added that test some functions 
that MinGW w32api doesn't support.  As it happens, the breakage coincided 
with my spending a long weekend without Internet access.

The problem appears to be fixed now and a new winetest.exe should be 

> Which (I assume) is usually fixed by Paul Millar's win32api custom
> patches.

Yup.  I try to provide a tar-ball of these patches "every so often", see:

I must point out that there is a group of us who do this share the patches and 
the vast, vast majority of the patches are not by me.



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