mono progress on mixed-mode assemblies...

Kornél Pál kornelpal at
Fri May 9 06:21:06 CDT 2008


I am working on it but seems to be a longer process because MSVCRT depends 
on a lot of undocumented characteristics of the MS implementation of .NET 
Framework and documented functionality that is not used outside of C++ (so 
isn't implementet by Mono).

If you know real world applications using mixed-mode assemblies please let 
me know because I am currently using only simple "Hello World"-like 
programs. Currently I only want to make them work with Mono but later I'll 
need real world apps for testing.

Currently it's very unlikely that Mono will have it's own MSVCRTs (I mean 
mixed-mode versions) in the near future. Do you know whether they are 

Note that my given name is Kornél but in the Hungarian language we use first 
names and last names in reverse order.


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shows that Pál Kornél is now working on supporting apps
that use msvcrt.

Go Pal go! 

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