Lots of regressions in games in last few versions

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon May 12 01:57:39 CDT 2008

Vitaliy wrote:
>> To get lots more people to try it and report bugs, so it can improve faster.
>This is questionable. I can point to several bug reports that have several
>dozen people reporting problems and that are still open for years. So just
>saying more bug reports results into better Wine is not true.

Sure, there are going to be hard bugs.
Doesn't matter; on the whole, if we don't know about a bug, we can't fix it.
And we need users to find the bugs for us, since only they really know
how to use the apps.

> Even targeted apps don't work perfectly - have some problems here and there.
> People won't stand that. They already feed up with windows...

When you get the bugs down below a certain point for
a particular app, something funny happens: people
start believing.  And at that point they are willing to
forgive a few issues.

> The only loyal public Wine can have is gamers. And we still ignoring this fact.

Because it's not a fact.  It's a subjective conclusion you reached,
but I do not share that opinion.  Gamers are just as finicky
as anyone else.

> Oh and the whole point of wine-1.0 - and the way it's being
> presented seems like a joke to me. Give me a break 4 apps?!
> 3 of which being direct competitors to native Linux applications!
> And such an old versions [97] that no one even uses them anymore.

The release criteria are more about managing people's
expectations.   Underpromising and overdelivering.
They're *supposed* to seem modest.  Doesn't mean we
don't care about other apps.

> If anything we should be emphasizing that the code freeze is
> to stabilize Wine and fix bugs. ALL bugs regardless of the app.

I rather thought we were.  That's the whole point of

I'm not sure what you're angry about.
None of us have that much control over exactly
which way wine develops.  We all scratch our own itches,
and it improves at its own pace.
What more do you want?
- Dan

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