Lots of regressions in games in last few versions

Jeremy White jwhite at winehq.org
Tue May 13 09:31:21 CDT 2008

>>  Relax the code freeze a bit and stay in RC phase for as many releases as
>> the beta phase..?
> That's like saying "don't do the 1.0 release yet, just keep doing
> 0.9.62, etc..."
> Not going to happen.  Wine needs a release.  All good open source
> projects need to release (not just make snapshots) periodically.
> Our last one was several years ago, and by doing a release, we are
> cleaning up a lot of bugs that have been lingering and annoying users
> for years.  (Serial I/O, anyone?  DOS apps?)

Sure, but doing a release on a unmovable schedule is also a mistake, imho;
you want to release when you feel you have something of solid value.
It should not be the case that a large block of conventional wisdom
has it that 0.9.58 is 'better' than 1.0.

Obvious and large blocks of regressions are a valid show stopper, again imho.

But isn't this all just normal and expected?  We had a big push by people to
get features in prior to the freeze, so a lot of new features went in right
before the freeze.  Now we have to shake out the regressions and fix them.
That process is a PITA, and usually takes a few weeks.  Isn't that what we're doing?



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