mono progress on mixed-mode assemblies...

Kornél Pál kornelpal at
Wed May 14 04:37:04 CDT 2008


> From: Dan Kegel
> But Wine has its own increasingly useful implementation of msvcrt,
> at least the part that uses the C api.  (The C++ api is difficult for us
> because it has to be written in C; g++ uses a different ABI than Microsoft 
> C++.)
> Perhaps, once we work the kinks out, Mono can rely on Wine once more
> to get this and related functionality.

That would be great.

Because mixed-mode (there is no pure managed version) msvcrts require 
Managed C++ and C++/CLI and there is no open source compiler supporting any 
of these so MS compilers would be required.

Also note that Mono's Class Library is licensed under MIT/X11 because 
inlining (done by the runtime) may be incompatible with GPL that would not 
allow non-GPL programs to be executed within Mono. Would it be possible to 
have a MIT/X11 licensed msvcrt?


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