Right way to cope with user error in make test?

Jeremy White jwhite at winehq.org
Sat May 17 10:08:15 CDT 2008

> Alexandre has said in the past that test failures for an incorrectly
> or incompletely built wine tree should result in test failures and I
> agree with this.

Yah; I think to some extent we need to wait for Alexandre to express
an opinion on how, if at all, he'd like to address this.

We seem to have come up with about 4 approaches:
  1.  Skip the test.  Rob thinks Alexandre will reject this
  2.  Make WINE_NOTICE_WITH be default error; i.e. require
      an explicit --without in order to skip a package you lack
  3.  Create some sort of config record; a config.id if you will.
      This could then be read by dotests and/or winetests
      to not transmit the results.
      (As a side note, this might be handy place to put
      a git HEAD which might allow my winetest patches to go in,
      thereby eliminating the need for an out of tree dotests.  But no bias here <grin>).
  4.  Have dotests scan the existing config.log file.

Alexandre, do you have a preference?



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