kernel32: Add a few traces to help debug test failures [RESEND]

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon May 19 02:41:16 CDT 2008

"James Hawkins" <jhawkins at> wrote:

>          if(detailed_info->lpRootManifestPath)
>              ok(!lstrcmpiW(detailed_info->lpRootManifestPath, exinfo->root_manifest_path),
> -               "unexpected detailed_info->lpRootManifestPath\n");
> +               "unexpected detailed_info->lpRootManifestPath: %s %s\n",
> +               strw(detailed_info->lpRootManifestPath), strw(exinfo->root_manifest_path));

As far as I can see strw() uses static buffer and is not able to handle
more than one string at once.


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