Bad stub ? GetEffectiveRightsFromAclA / GetEffectiveRightsFromAclW

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue May 20 15:22:53 CDT 2008

> I think above mentioned functions are badly stubbed in
> ./dlls/advapi32/security.c
> Current implementation outputs a message like "FIXME ... stub ..." but
> functions are not stubbed in the ./dlls/advapi32/advapi32.spec file.

That's expected.  A "hard stub" has just a stub entry in the spec
file, and no implementation.  A "soft stub" has an implementation, and
a real entry in the spec file, but the implementation effectively does

> If not, how can I know for sure if a function is stubbed(unimplemented)?

Test it under Windows and compare Wine's behavior.

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