crypt32: String resource IDs

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed May 21 10:33:02 CDT 2008

> are the string resource IDs (IDS_*) in crypt32.dll supposed to be
> compatible to the native Microsoft DLL?

Only if an app depends on this.

> The reason I am asking is that the native rsaenh.dll fails to load
> because of failing GetStringW calls for crypt32.dll. It is supposed to
> fail, or should wine be made more compatible.

That's interesting.  We could probably change the string IDs to match
to get native rsaenh to load.  While we don't necessarily need to
provide compatibility for native rsaenh, it can't hurt.  A patch would
be welcome.

> In the latter case: How do we get string tables that are OK to use in
> Wine? Surely it is not allowed to just copy them from the Microsoft
> executable, but in the end, for 100% compatibility, we would have to
> provide an exact copy. Is there any policy in Wine?

IANAL, but I'll give my opinion based on a limited understanding of
the relevant cases.  It's not okay to copy them, as the strings
themselves are likely copyrighted material.  The IDs, however, are
part of the interface, and may be copied.  So, if all that's needed is
for e.g. IDS_AUTHORITY_KEY_ID to have value 8000, that's fine.  It's
not necessary to copy Microsoft's text to achieve that.

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