Thunderbird warning repeat - use --attach

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed May 21 10:39:49 CDT 2008

So it seems as though every month or so, some id10t is bit by
the Thunderbird bug where it mangles perfectly reasonable looking
git-format-patch drafts.

This month, I won the prize! :-)

I had always habitually done --attach, because that's what GitWine says to do.
But after scratching my head, reading man pages, and
checking my drafts, I decided that was lame; inline is always nicer, and
I dropped the --attach.  Big mistake; the draft may look okay, but the end result
is mangled somehow.

Thanks to Dmitry for alerting me.

I've filed a bug with Mozilla over this:

My sense is that its a subtle bug of some kind; I've had a hard
time articulating a strategy to reproduce it (which, by Occam's
razor, immediately suggests I'm just missing something :-/).

So if others are bit by this and can share any clues or tips
for the Mozilla devs on how to reproduce it, I'd appreciate it.



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