crypt32: String resource IDs

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed May 21 12:01:17 CDT 2008

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On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:55 AM, Michael Karcher
<wine at> wrote:
> do we define "rsaenh.dll" as "application"?

Not usually, as it's part of Windows and doesn't come with other applications.

> So we do not currently have the needed strings (they seem to decribe
> actions, for logging, error reporting or progress indication). The
> strings we do have are differently numbered, but up to now, I don't know
> about any code relying on those numbers.

In that case, we just need to add some strings for it.  The text
values of the strings don't have to match for now.

> Thats right. But for rsaenh.dll I need strings wine does not currently
> have. The question is how I legally get these strings into wine.

Now you're asking for advice I'm not qualified to give.  Perhaps
someone here can give better guidance.  In particular you might ask
Jeremy whether the SFLC has given any hints about the proper way to
add UI elements to Wine.

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