[rsaenh] don't throw error on salt with more that 128bit

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Thu May 22 14:48:14 CDT 2008

-            /* salt length can't be greater than 128 bits = 16 bytes */
-            if (blob->cbData > 16)
-            {
-                SetLastError(ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER);
-                return FALSE;
-            }
             memcpy(pCryptKey->abKeyValue + pCryptKey->dwKeyLen, blob->pbData,

You can't just remove the check, an app that passes in a bad blob will
overwrite memory.  If that's not allowed in Windows, it shouldn't be
in Wine, either.  You really need to write a test case that shows what
the correct limit for the salt length is, or show that Windows just
crashes if you pass in too much salt data.  That'll prevent future
regressions from cropping up, too.

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