runtest: Add an option to run the tests with valgrind

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Tue May 27 11:32:22 CDT 2008

Hello Dan,

2008/5/26 Dan Kegel <dank at>:
> Maarten wrote:
>> Usage: make test RUNTEST="$WINE_GIT/tools/runtest -V" VALGRIND_OPTS="..."
> That seems clumsier offhand than how I've been doing it,
Well, VALGRIND_OPTS is an environment variable. If you look at
valgrind's --help message, you'll see:

"Extra options read from ~/.valgrindrc, $VALGRIND_OPTS, ./.valgrindrc"

Alternatively I can add an option so that 'make test' will add the -V
something like: (make test VALGRIND=valgrind VALGRIND_OPTS="..."). But
I'm open for suggestions on what is the best approach.


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