Fixing crashes in Tests (OS version check)

Jeff Latimer lats at
Sat May 31 03:12:55 CDT 2008

James Hawkins wrote:
> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 11:18 PM, Alistair Leslie-Hughes
> <leslie_alistair at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've being investigating crashes that occur on Win98 when the tests run.  I
>> have fixed a couple already which where trivial. When I attempted to fix the
>> snmpapi tests, I have found that i will end up removing alot of tests (~
>> 17). If I add a check for the windows version, I can skip the tests that
>> will crash, also there is already tests with if(0) around them. What is the
>> policy about checking the version of the OS before running certain tests?
> Version checks are not allowed.
Is this actually a sensible policy?  As Windows version age (Win95 
arrived 12 years ago in 96!) there are going to be more and more 
incompatibilities with later versions.  Windows is not backward 
compatible.  Apps built for Vista are not guaranteed to run on earlier 
versions and the Windows api moves along.  The upshot is that Wine tests 
must be dumbed down (ie. we accept multiple results (Win95 and above) or 
we delete the test).  The outcome is that we don't actually know what we 
are testing as Wine could be producing results for XP, Vista, W2K but it 
tests ok.

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