MinGW RPM packages - discontinued

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Sat May 31 16:29:03 CDT 2008

On Saturday 31 May 2008 22:50:38 Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

> Thank you very much for all the hard work you did maintaining those RPMs! 
> Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. I'd like to extend this thank you to the people who contributed

> One use that will be missed is cross-compiling PE binaries that are not Wine 
> tests.

I know, several people told me they were using the compiler for other purposes.
One guy told me he was working on 64bit Fedora packages based on mine and intended
get them upstream. Don't know what became of it but who knows, someone may fill
the void some day.


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