Users posting to wine-bugs

Luke Bratch l_bratch at
Sat Nov 1 05:11:12 CDT 2008


You may remember me as the person that does the mailing list moderation.

Every day there are always several users posting directly to wine-bugs, as they are hitting reply to emails generated by Bugzilla instead of posting in Bugzilla itself.

I added a message in the text that Bugzilla generates to make it clearer to not reply to the email a few months ago, which at the time seemed to improve things but as of late the number of emails has been going up again.

Is anybody opposed to me setting up an auto-responder so that any mail going to wine-bugs at gets auto responded to with a message to post in Bugzilla instead?

I ask this in wine-devel as I'm not sure who is the actual administrator of the lists are.


Luke Bratch

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