Wine integration with native (Gtk, Qt, Cocoa/Carbon) themes

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Sat Nov 1 09:07:41 CDT 2008

On 01.11.2008 14:04, Reece Dunn wrote:
> Note that as Vista has a different msstyles theming engine (it is a
> DLL), 

It's also a DLL on XP. Note that in both cases no code is exported, the
DLLs serve only as a container for the theme data, stored as resources.

> we could have the msstyles DLL expose the uxtheme API and have
> uxtheme call msstyles to do the rendering. That way, we could have a
> gtk.msstyles, qt3.msstyles, qt4.msstyles and an carbon.msstyles 

That sounds like misappropriating the msstyles 'format'. The idea of
"theming engine plugins" is a good one, but then some other mechanism
than abusing the msstyles extension should be used to detect these
plugins. Some ideas: an extension (but a different, unique one), putting
them into a special directory, listing engines in the registry.

Anyhow, this is somewhat bikeshedding ;P

First step would probably be to define a theming plugin API - you say
that the theming plugins would just export the whole uxtheme API.
However, it could be possible that the theming plugin interface can be
simplified compared to that, with uxtheme.dll filling the gaps. (After
all, a simpler interface can mean a simpler plugin implementation...)


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