Users posting to wine-bugs

Luke Bratch l_bratch at
Sat Nov 1 12:59:31 CDT 2008

--- On Sat, 1/11/08, Matt Perry <perrym3 at> wrote:

> wine-devel seems like a good candidate. What is the nature of the
> emails that people are sending back to wine-bugs when they are
> responding? Does it look like they are trying to add comments for the
> bug?

Yes it's people trying to add comments to bugs.

If so, it might be useful to turn on the email interface to
> bugzilla.  See
> for documentation.

This does look like a possible solution.  Does anybody have any
thoughts?  It may start to make some bugs look ugly depending on how it
handles the text it receives (bug comments containing entire email
quotes, etc.)


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