General script for installing Wine build dependencies

Evil Jay wine at
Sun Nov 2 10:31:11 CST 2008

I can see where this would be useful for building on some platforms, but
doesn't "sudo apt-get build-dep wine" work fine (for the most part) for

The last time I compiled on a fresh *buntu, I recall using build-dep and
then having to install one nvidia-specific '-dev' package to get DirectX
support working. I think it was nvidia-glx-177-dev; Until it added some
headers or whatnot, ./configure insisted it was going to build without

As far as specific tweaks: on Intrepid Ibex I don't believe x-dev or
qt3-dev-tools are required. X-dev's a transitional package only
dependent on x11proto-core-dev, which is already in your list. I don't
have qt3-dev-tools installed (and everything compiles/runs clean).


Dan Kegel wrote:
> I have in the past written one script per version of
> Ubuntu to install Wine's build dependencies.
> Many versions on, that's getting old, and I figure
> it'd be better to have a single script that handles
> all common versions on Linux.
> I've taken a first stab at that, combining my scripts
> for gutsy and hardy, and adding ibex.  The result is at
> If anyone wants to add support to that script for another
> OS, please do, and send me the patch.
> I'd like to see this in the wine tree sometime.  It's
> kind of silly we have to direct people to a big,
> confusing wiki page (or set of them) to explain
> how to install the needed packages; let's just
> have a unified script and be done with it.

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