Wine support for win64

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Nov 4 14:21:21 CST 2008

Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> [...]
>> I think we still have the problem that gcc doesn't support the calling
>> convention Win64 uses, so we can't compile a Wine that is compatible with
>> Win64 apps.
> In the meantime we can work on the long vs. LONG issue:
>  * there are a number of places where the Windows SDK uses 'long'. But 
> on Win64 'long' is 32bit, while every other 64bit platform treats it as 
> 64bit.
>  * in Wine's headers and in the code there are plenty of places where we 
> use long where we really want a 32bit integer for 64bit.
> The fix for all these is to replace 'long' with 'LONG' which Wine keeps 
> 32bit just like Windows (though I wonder if we should not use something 
> lile 'wine_long' instead).
What would 'wine_long' gain us? LONG is already ugly enough.


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