winmm: Increase tolerance range in tests

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Thu Nov 6 02:50:34 CST 2008

Robert Reif wrote:
> Please give an explanation why?  If it's just to make the test pass, 
> then we need to know why the test is failing. 
> Is it only needed for wine?  Could be a wine problem.
> Is it only needed for specific versions of Windows or specific hardware 
> or drivers?
> Is it only needed for Windows running on a virtual machine?  Then it 
> could be a a virtual machine hardware emulation problem.
> I think all Windows hardware test failures that only happen on virtual 
> machines should be considered suspect.  It would be nice to detect if 
> Windows is running on real hardware or a virtual machine because of this 
> type of problem.
Hi Robert,
   It was mainly to get test to pass.

Its appears from the testing data that XP, 2k3, vista, 2k8 all have
issues with the tolerance values.

Best Regards
  Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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