noob req: ddraw/vertexbuffer.c and HW vertex buffers

FeepingCreature default_357-line at
Thu Nov 6 21:03:18 CST 2008


I've been playing Gothic2 and getting lots of messages regarding
d3d7:IDirect3DVertexBufferImpl_Optimize, printed by
ddraw/vertexbuffer.c. Reading the comments for that function seems to
indicate that vertex buffers are currently emulated in software, and
will be handled in hardware as soon as wined3d is capable of that -
however, reading wined3d/vertexbuffer.c, especially CreateVBO, implies
that hardware/GL vertex buffers are already supported.

Git logs also show that ddraw/vertexbuffer.c has not been changed in a
few months. Did I completely mis-interpret the comments, or has this
file simply been forgotten? And if so, could some kind soul sacrifice
the time to bring it up to speed with the rest of Wine, so that us
Gothic players can enjoy better framerates?

Thanks for reading.

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