wine build time: 6 (or 3) minutes with q9400

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Nov 7 03:01:53 CST 2008

FWIW: with wine from git from a couple days ago,
here are wine build times on various Intel CPUs
in seconds on Ubuntu 8.10's gcc-4.3.2 (or 8.04):

sec  cpu    wine   notes
676 e7200 June ubuntu 8.04
615 e7300 Nov
585 e7400 Nov (estimated, supposedly 5% faster than e7300)
540 e8400 Nov
360 q9400 Nov

In all cases, this was with the default optimization
level, -O2.  Compiling with -O0 was roughly twice as fast
(e.g. 196 seconds to build on the q9400).
The dual core e7300 and e8400 were tested with -j3;
the quad core q9400 with -j5.

The current crop of CPUs is that they run
cooler than older ones.  Replacing the old Athlon 64's
in the patchwatcher cluster with new CPUs and
80+ power supplies makes a big difference in
the room's temperature!

The quad CPUs are coming down in price.
Once you get used to fast builds, it's hard to go
back, so don't try a q9400 or faster CPU unless
you want to keep it :-)

Older benchmarks:
(is gentoo really that fast, or was he building with -O0?)
(q6600 386 seconds).

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